Designing and executing the talent and capability reskilling program for a 3000-employee global workforce  |


Leading global organization in the specialty chemicals space wanted to fuel the transformation that it was underway across the world. I was tasked by the group CEO to design and execute the talent and capability reskilling program for its 3000-employee global workforce across the sales, operations and company leadership. Building new capabilities in line with the market strategies was a key deliverable that required deep understanding of the company’s existing culture people needs and go to market strategies.


Working closely with the C-Suite I was responsible to design the overall blueprint of the Academy that would transform the people capabilities in the organization. 3 academies were created for commercial skills, manufacturing skills and leadership skills. It was a mix of face-to-face training and online platforms to bring out the best learning outcomes. Different academies employed different tools depending on considerations of location access to digital platforms and language needs.


The programs were a huge success and evolved over a period of time from basic topics to more advanced ones. Over the years the academy delivered 18,000 hours of sales training, 3000 hours of operator training in plants and 1500 hours of leadership training. As the measures of the success were tied to business outcomes – it became more transparent on how the capabilities were helping to drive the change in the business. Over and above that it helped create a positive learning culture which was instrumental in driving a growth mindset and adapting to change in the marketplace.


RIVIONT Ravi Bhogaraju