Hilton Foods Group (UK)  |  ‘Fit for the Future’  |  Organizational Change Program

Hilton Foods Group (HFG) is a meat packaging company with a presence in 9 countries providing packed red meat to either the number 1 or number 2 retailer in the respective countries (for example: Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, Tesco in the UK). Just over 5,000 FTE’s.

Due to the continuous decreasing demand for red meat, an expected global recession caused by Covid-19, and the envisaged new way of working, HFG revisited the 5 year growth strategy to determine how the current organization fits the set ambition.

All work streams (Supply Chain, Finance, Procurement etc.) coordinated by the PMO initiated an internal benchmark of current and expected roles and capabilities to achieve this strategy. For People & Culture this lead to a  list of over 70 capabilities.

I was the Program Manager for the People & Culture work stream, determined actions, followed up on the actions, gathered and provided information to and from various stakeholders, created understanding of direction, pushed forward, stayed on track and on time, together with all work stream project managers worked towards a desired and pragmatic alignment throughout. Largest changes in terms of (lack of) capabilities occurred within the IT and Manufacturing domains in terms of (further) automatization & robotization, as also within Business Development (new products and new geographies).

Overall outcome was an adapted organizational structure (one Board member less, 1 management layer less, reallocation of competences, new roles (specifically IT & Manufacturing). Growth strategy kept in place.


RIVIONT Ronald Peereboom