The common theme of our clients is the need for Growth, Change, Performance and/or Transformation with the right leadership and management teams.

The company’s performance is below expectations.

We help them to found out the reasons why and advise on the path to restructuring and recovery, guiding and coaching management and the organization.

The corporate leader leads multiple divisions and geographical regions.

We work with the corporate leader to lead and manage effectively, to align the divisions and teams towards the corporate objectives.

The high performing leader has been very successful as an individual contributor and is promoted to lead a team or multiple teams (remotely). Leading a team requires however different competences.

We work with the leader to succeed and develop the right skills and competences.

The company acquired businesses internationally. The existing management doesn’t have the experience dealing with acquiring businesses in other cultures.

How to organize, lead and interact after the deal has been done? We work with the people responsible for post-deal integration and help them to successfully integrate the acquired business.

The company has strong growth ambitions to scale the business from EUR50 mln to EUR250 mln or from EUR100mln to EUR500 mln.

What’s the impact for leadership, people, culture and for the organization? We help management with the road-map and guide, coach management.

The high-performing leader has been very successful for the past years, but recently results are dropping down significantly.

We work with the leader and find out how we can help the leader back on track.

The company is growing fast and needs to professionalize further (e.g. the organizational structure, processes, culture, decision-making and so on). The founder is required to step up and play another role.

We help the founder to lead and bring the company to the next level. We help with succession planning and preparing the company for further growth.

The company has talented individual players in the management team, but they are not yet an effective, high-performing team.

We work with the team and help them to develop towards an effective, high-performing team.

The (functional / geographical) leader has been very successful in one country and is promoted for a regional role, leading multiple countries and culture. This requires different competences for the leader to succeed.

We work with the leader and the local leadership teams and help them succeed.

The company wants to change business model or strategy.

We help management transform the company – top-down, bottom-up.

The company wants to grow organically and open up new markets. Many examples of large companies who didn’t succeed in another country e.g. Germany, China, Indonesia due to cultural myopia.

We help your business leaders to succeed in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The company moves from centralized to a decentralized regional organizational structure and decision-making. What does this mean for the regional leadership team leading the business and teams across different countries and cultures?