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A large number of uncertainties in M&A happen due to cultural differences e.g. when a Dutch company buys an Asian company. Leadership can define the strategy but leadership also defines the culture. How do people behave? How do people act together as a team? Do they operate in silos or do they act as a cohesive leadership team?

Culture is usually an afterthought and most often, the effort for cultural integration is highly underestimated. 

Culturally in the Netherlands, people try to do all the things themselves as a culture whereas, in Germany, they may engage external resources. In economies like Singapore, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia, they regularly engage external resources.

For culture, one could use the “Competing Values Framework” of Cameron-Quinn.

One aspect of cultural difference is the difference of continents i.e. between Europe and China, India, ASEAN where the cultural differences are bigger than between countries in a region.

Watch this episode and learn more about what Richard A. Vincent has to say about Leadership and Culture in M&A transactions.

Richard A. Vincent has worked in human resources for over two decades, with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, international HR, and in senior EMEA & APAC management roles in Executive Search, Leadership & Organizational Consulting such as Korn Ferry (Europe & Asia), PageGroup (Germany) and Robert Half (Europe & Asia). He founded RIVIONT in 2017 focusing on Leadership Advisory, Interim Management, and Executive Search solutions.

As Board Advisor I led and delivered over 500 Executive Search projects in Europe & Asia markets. Transformed, trained, coached over 50 geographical and functional leadership teams spanning 27 countries to self-awareness, effectiveness, and some of them to global top-performing teams. Advised international publicly listed and many other privately-held / private equity-backed companies.


The host of the interview is Anirvan Sen, CEO – Fifth Chrome, & Marcella Hall,

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