July 1st, 2021 | International Leadership Advisory RIVIONT has expanded with the addition of Mr Migchel Dirksen as Board Advisor & Partner.

“We are very excited that Migchel will be joining the international Board Advisors & Partner team at RIVIONT,” said Richard Vincent, Managing Partner & Founder. “Migchel is an experienced director (CEO and CFO) in business services and retail. For more than 25 years he has been leading mergers, reorganisations and transformations in various sectors including financial services, telecom and food. As Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of several independent Rabobanks, he was responsible for mergers, reorganisations and digitization, among other things. From his customer-driven focus, he has transformed existing cultures into a result- and customer-oriented way of working. As CFO at Talkline Nederland, Migchel led the sale of Talkline Netherlands and completed the integration between Talkline and Debitel. As a member of the executive team at McDonald’s Netherlands, he has integrated the financial departments into the organization, among other things. Migchel graduated as a business economist from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, he has followed many education and training courses, including on leadership, customer focus, strategy and team functioning at institutes including Nyenrode, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and IMD.

“I am passionate about applying my acquired knowledge and experience in leading and guiding people and organizations during mergers, reorganisations and transformations with RIVIONT’s clients, to help people and organizations grow and to guarantee the continuity of the organization”, said Mr Dirksen.

“Migchel has proven to take people and organizations to a new reality, to a more entrepreneurial, result-oriented and people-oriented way with a focus on the customer and the customer experience. To transform organizations into agile, flexible and focused, a people-centric approach and creating a safe, inclusive and transparent culture is the key to success. Change starts at the top, with the behavior and mindset of top management. An environment that is not safe to disagree is not an environment focused on growth, but on control”, said Mr Vincent.

Global / Regional Business leaders leading businesses and leadership teams across countries and cultures turn to RIVIONT. We help our clients achieve sustainable growth, change and transformation by improving the interconnection between business-people-culture, starting with the top leadership team. Our integrated solutions include Culture Transformation, Leadership Development, Assessment & Succession, Interim Management and Executive Search.


RIVIONT Migchel Dirksen
RIVIONT Richard A. Vincent


The Board Advisors of RIVIONT are executives with a proven track record in accomplishing sustainable growth, change and transformation as CEO, COO, CFO or CHRO of public, private and listed companies across Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our Board Advisors  |  Bring multi-sector, multi-functional, multi-cultural and multi-geographical experience  |  Are passionate in building (future) business for (future) markets with (future) talent  |  Know the ‘art and science’ of creating an improved interconnection between business-people-culture in achieving strategic objectives

Through RIVIONT, Board Advisors can be deployed for advisory projects and interim management assignments.