Team Performance is our solution for creating the right team composition, competencies and culture for the right challenge  |

We believe leading and managing organizations top-down in the old way, with a focus on authority, seeing human beings as instruments for leaders to achieve goals, rationalizing all decisions without leaving room for humanity and passion no longer works in today’s changing world.

Employees are looking for companies with a strong mission and vision, for growth opportunities and for great managers and leaders who are able to engage employees, coach and develop their people by focusing on their talents and strengths, able to create a culture of clarity, flexibility, accountability, collaboration and innovation with the ability to adapt to the competitive landscape organizations would face in the future.

We help organizations in a rapidly changing business environment build and develop effective geographical and functional leadership teams and assist those leadership teams creating the environment for sustainable credibility and for further success. We help to make the workplace healthier, more engaged and more functional for employees and management. Simultaneously we help to increase individual-, team- and organizational performance as a whole by composing high-performing teams, by orchestrating culture transformations and by building strong leadership capabilities.


We all know if the team composition isn’t balanced with the right people with the right competencies in the right seat in the right team at the right time for the right challenge with the right team culture in the right company, the performance of teams will be less effective, unable to maximize its potential as its potential for further organizational growth.

We help you  |

  • Realize significant competitive advantages and optimize the effectiveness of your functional and geographical leadership teams.
  • Address underlying issues that limit individual and team effectiveness that may be impacting an individual or team’s ability to advance their goals. We identify and measure the factors that have the greatest impact for your functional and geographical leadership teams, including team styles and dynamics, and provide advice for improving team performance and alignment with the strategic goals.
  • Design the right team composition with the right team competencies, role definition and structure, creating the right context so your leadership teams are up for the challenge to achieve the organizational goals.


The RIVIONT Performance Learning Cycle is a bottom-up driven approach that supports your team in understanding their performance in relation to the purpose of the company and in which open dialogue and improvement are central.

We work with functional and geographical business leaders and their team to implement and execute the RIVIONT Performance Learning Cycle. We help to increase the engagement, the creativity and performance of the team developing the individual-, team- and organizational performance.

The RIVIONT Performance Learning Cycle